Inspire Yourself
Keep running, keep smiling


So I’m happy with the race today.  Not to say that this is my best by far, but it was a good effort after such a killer week of practice and I still managed 28:35, a PR.  I placed 2nd on our team although I think I could have placed a lot better overall with a bit more rest before the race and a proper taper. Considering all those things, however, I had a good race today and I was really happy to be out at there.

It was so cool being at the Stanford Invitational today since after running it my senior year of high school I thought I would never run there again, let alone cross country for a team ever again.  But what do you know, here I am in Division I collegiate cross country just 2 years and 3 months since my running journey began.  I am ever-thankful to have been given this opportunity to continue my cross country career after falling in love with it that fateful summer of 2010.

I’m not sure why it looks like I’m smiling in this picture; I’m pretty sure I was only feeling pain.  Perhaps it’s because in the back of my mind no matter how much pain I may ever be in while running, I will always be happy that I am able to run and to have been given this opportunity of running at this level.  I’ll never forget the people who got me to this point in my life and who ran alongside me the whole way both literally and figuratively.  I will also always remember why running plays such an important role in my life.  And I think with all of those things on my mind, that smile may continue to resonate on my face because of them.