Inspire Yourself
The work is done.


We ran 6x 800 metres this morning.  It was hard considering this has been a brutal week of training (especially with a hard 8x mile in the hills on Tuesday with just 1:30 rest) and I’m just hoping I’ll be rested enough for the Stanford Invitational on Saturday; it’s a big one!

Each time a race is coming up I tend to get really nervous and constantly have to remind myself that I have already put in the work and to trust that I have done all that I can to prepare for the moment that gun goes off.  Of course I can be faster, and I am getting faster every week, but I certainly have a lot to be happy with right now and if I give it my all on Saturday I know that I will run a time I’m happy with.

Right now my PR for an 8k is 28:53 which I ran at the University of San Francisco Invitational.  The next race was extremely hot and hilly in San Diego in which I ran 30:04.  I’m hoping to do something big this weekend on Stanford’s mostly flat course, hopefully even sub-27:00.

I just have to trust in myself, trust in the training that I’ve been doing, and rest up for the big day which is a mere 2 days away, because after all, the work is done.